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Why a Mini Rugby Academy


I have been playing Rugby for most of my adult life, and Iíve enjoyed every moment of it even the odd injury through the years. Now as I am approaching the latter years of my playing days I want to put something back into the game I love so much. When I was a young boy there were never any rugby classes for children, so I can understand parents now who love the game or who would like to introduce the game to their kids being frustrated. This is why I have come up with the idea of the Mini Rugby Academy. Most Mini rugby classes start from the age of 5 years but not much available for the younger ones so why not mix fun and games with rugby elements (primarily a different shaped ball) for our smaller ones.


Remember the idea is to have fun so the little ones can run around, jump around, throw rugby balls and generally have a lot of enjoyment. We also ask the parents to join in, mums and dads, its not just limited to the dads, you will be amazed how much your children love it when they see their parents enjoying themselves as well.


My 3 year old has so much energy and although the playgrounds are great and playgroups are fun, I can see he wants more stimulation. Our classes provide not only an energy release but they are structured to improve practical skills, hand to eye co-ordination skills and also help with understanding instruction. But the main objective is for the kids to have Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!!


Our coaches are RFU trained and CRB checked and all hold First Aid Certificates.


The 6 week session costs £65.00


Sessions:               £48.00 (£8 per session)

Registration Fee:  £17.00 registration fee.

Total cost:               £65.00 which will also include your Mini Rugby Academy polo shirt.


Pay as you Play option @ £9 per session


We are offering a Pay as you Play option @ £9 per session if you just want to come down and take part. If after that session you want to join up, we will refund the amount you paid on that day and ask you to pay a proportionate amount for the rest of the sessions dependant on the session you start at.



 Mission Statement:  To create an environment of fun, to give children focus, understand respect and teamwork while developing their basic Rugby Skills.
















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